The Cheat Code to Better Mornings That Everyone Knows About

Intense consciousness is far from what I usually have during the morning. However, today was fairly different. As I forced myself to avoid the snooze button, I went through my normal morning routine and got started with my day.

Despite the rough start, I was unusually in the zone. Call me crazy, but it seemed like I was actively thinking about multiple things simultaneously. Obviously, that’s impossible, but it’s bizarre that I was thinking about watering my plants, reading, helping out with laundry, filling up my water bottle, washing the dishes, dropping a MASSIVE number two, writing this post, and playing some Fall Guys afterwards all under two seconds!

For you science folks out there, I know that it could be a combination of many different factors. Fixing my body clock and getting up at a certain point of my REM sleep (or whichever sleep state applies) could be a few of those reasons, but it also might just be because it was a special day at the time.

Eventually, I realized why I felt like Bradley Cooper in the movie Limitless earlier today. Even though I could tell you right now, I’ll keep it a secret.

After all, you’ll figure it out by taking the first letters of each sentence in this post chronologically. No, it’s not as revolutionary as you’d think. Definitely not.

In truth, the other half of my day was actually pretty normal. Rest assured, I’m still a regular human being.

Although we have these moments of clarity and brilliance, we still have to go through our bad days. Real-life isn’t about using a cheat code for instant victory, but a constant push towards the right goals. Even if other people seem to get lucky, we don’t know what hardships they’ve been through to be lucky.

Looking at your current state, constantly learn to produce better results. You need to be in a position to grab the opportunity when it comes. Don’t make the mistake that you have to do it by yourself though, because help is always out there.

On that note, I might have to read up on making my morning experience better without cheating. 

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