I find this idea a little cringeworthy, but I’m speedrunning this writing session today. I wasn’t feeling very good one night (this might be two weeks ago if you’re reading this at the time of posting). It felt like I had the flu, but it was just at the gates waiting for the guard to … Continue reading Sick

A Personal Redefinition of Work-Life Balance in the New Normal

In 2020, it’s almost possible for people to never leave their homes. We can shop online, do our groceries on the internet, and find all kinds of entertainment under the sun. Recently, many people have realized that it’s also possible to work from home. Bringing the office to our homes always sounded like the dream … Continue reading A Personal Redefinition of Work-Life Balance in the New Normal

To Buy, or To Buy Another?

Do we get the value we expect with the money we spend? Do we find the results we want with the decisions we make? Should I buy it or not? Is it even worth doing? Let’s take a look at the debate I’ve had with myself a week ago. Recently, I’ve picked up my interest … Continue reading To Buy, or To Buy Another?

There is No Requirement

I was going around the internet to find tips on how I could run this blog. I came across this one article that used the word hereafter. Wow. I know that word, but I’ve never used it before. Do I need to know how to use hereafter in a sentence before starting this blog? Definitely … Continue reading There is No Requirement

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