Forcing Myself to Clean My Own Room

Today (this was written on a Saturday), I had a lot of things to do.

I had to do my regular stuff like eating (and breathing), listen to a few classes I missed yesterday, lift some weights (I don’t have strong arms), write for the day (this post), fold some clothes, take care of a client’s urgent concern, trim my beard a bit, and clean my room.

I don’t know about you, but I always like my room to be clean. It’s just that I don’t feel like cleaning my room all the time.

I know you can relate.

It always feels good that I can see my room organized and clean after an hour of dusting and sweeping. But, after a week or two of everyday life, my room seems to return to its unkempt state.

Whenever I feel the room getting these “overgrown forest” vibes, I always think to myself that I’ll start cleaning the room regularly FROM NOW ON. But, as you might expect, that never happens.

I know you can relate. (Probably.)

Sure, I’d remember to store small things away from sight like my notebook and earbuds, but when it comes to AT LEAST sweeping the floor of my room (which is only like 4.5×1.5 meters)…


For the record, I sweep my floor regularly. It’s just that “regularly” for me is every 1 or 2 months. The trigger for me to decide to do it is when I notice the floor is starting to get visibly gross and filthy.

However, earlier today, a few things accidentally clicked, and I might’ve found a mental trick to force me to clean my room more regularly.

It starts off with one of the items on my list – trimming my beard. Pretty easy to deal with, as it’s something I do every week. However, a bad purchase from a few weeks ago resulted in unintentional neglect of my facial hair (talk about “overgrown forest” vibes). I bought razor blades that weren’t sharp enough to mow my jungle of a face, even with shaving cream!

Apparently, we’ve got an electric razor lying around at home, and I tried using it out of desperation.

It worked. I would recommend it for men who like to leave a little stubble after shaving. But because I’ve only used it a couple of times now, I’m hesitant to leave a link as I can’t talk about durability just yet.

In any case, as much as the razor was good with trimming, it was also good at leaving hair confetti on the floor.

Hair confetti that activated the “this room is filthy enough for cleaning” trigger in my head.

Jackpot! Something I can use to mess with my messed-up brain. Because my floor was littered with visible filth, I just had to clean it up and clean everything else in the process, even my sister’s room. (But that’s just because my mom heard me cleaning.)

I plan to do the same the following week.

[Current Levi stepping in to continue.]

No. I didn’t do it again. The hair not only goes to the floor but also on my clothes. I don’t want micro hair scratching down on my neck and arms. (Guys that get haircuts on a budget know what I’m talking about.)

Anyways, I was still able to use the same “trick” by substituting hair with nails. It looked more gross IMO, so I’m definitely going to do some cleaning right after.

I have clean floors (and short nails) ever since.

Maybe you could use the same trick. Normally, I’d think of examples, but I have a gaming session to get to.

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