I Am Posting This for the Sake of Posting

Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash

I am forcing myself to come back here because I forgot that buying a website is essentially renting a website.

It’s almost been a year since my last post, and I found it hard to break the streak of NOT posting anything. But, through a certain combination of events and by the grace of God, I feel good about coming back here. With that said, here are a few of the things I learned. (AKA three excuses for me to work on this blog again.)

It’s OK to leave things as they are sometimes.

Yes, there are things that you should always continue doing, but there are some things that you can put away and come back to. For me, I left this website for a while. Pushing myself to post weekly burnt me out. Now that things have changed drastically, I think I can write again through an updated strategy which we”ll get to later.

Just because you started something, it doesn’t mean that you have to do it forever. It’s also not always a bad (or sad) thing to leave something you started. If situations in our life (and even ourselves) change, why should the things we started continue throughout the ages? And, who says you can’t go back to them at a later point in life? (You don’t HAVE to go back to them, btw.)

Now that I’ve made an excuse for myself for coming back so late, it’s time to bring out the second point.

Just Do It

This article started with me just slamming down on my keyboard and writing what’s on my mind today (July 5, 2021). However, my mind ran out of ideas as I was getting to this section. I had stuff on my mind, but they poofed away like how you forget what your dream last night was. So, I just put the next idea I came up with. (Tbh, this is really the sixth idea, but the first decent one.)

The title of this post is what I had on my mind. Whatever happens, I WILL post this today. Sure, because it costs something and I need to get my money’s worth. But also because I’m trying to practice two things: (1) Writing every day (2) Doing things more instead of ONLY thinking about them.

I was trying to write a novel for why I’m trying to write every day, but maybe I should keep it simple. I write for my business, but I also write because I enjoy it.

The reason why I’m trying the Nike mentality is that I always overthink to the point of analysis paralysis. I might have mentioned that before, but the thought of re-reading my past blog posts is the equivalent of hearing my voice in a recording (which I utterly despise). I plan so much that I end up not doing anything at all! I wanted to come back strong here, but I always come up short on what topic would be the “bangerest of bangers”.

So, here you are, reading what comes up after an hour of “slamming down on my keyboard,” as mentioned earlier. If you say you’ve always wanted to do something:

Don’t wait for next week.

Don’t wait for the next “wave of inspiration”.

Don’t even finish reading this article.

Don’t wait on yourself. Do it now.

I don’t need three points here to fulfill the “rule of thirds”.

For those of you who don’t know, the rule of thirds is an idea in photography that entails the idea of being able to break an image down into thirds. That’s why you have the 3×3 grid on your camera (I think). In writing, I often apply the same idea (there are three points). Before I go ballistic with talking about my tendencies, this is just a weak analogy to deliver the idea that you don’t need many reasons (or a single, super-strong reason) to do something.

I worked hard to get back into a better sleep schedule for the sole reason that I want to finish working a few hours after lunch. I tried streaming on Facebook because I wanted to understand what streaming was like (I stopped btw – it was EXHAUSTING), not necessarily because I wanted to “make it big” (it would have been great tho no cap).

In the same way, you don’t have to overthink your reasons. For yourself, for your family, or for others, anything goes! There’s a reason why Christians say, “for the glory of God” or any of its other flavors. (I won’t get into the rampant misuse of the term, though.)

I’m not saying that you should just do what you’re thinking of, nor am I saying that you should ignore the reasons why you SHOULDN’T do something. If what you want is wrong, then you obviously shouldn’t do it. But if you’re finding excuses to do something you want (that doesn’t negatively impact your values), isn’t “wanting to do it” a good enough reason?

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