To Buy, or To Buy Another?

Do we get the value we expect with the money we spend? Do we find the results we want with the decisions we make?

Should I buy it or not? Is it even worth doing?

Let’s take a look at the debate I’ve had with myself a week ago. Recently, I’ve picked up my interest in mobile photography again. The problem is, the phone I’ve been using is a little dated, and isn’t really decked out for that kind of a hobby.

After doing some research, I found that the best option for me was available in the used market. But because of the digital scent of used items, my (somewhat) frugal instincts generated an interesting question.

Won’t I get more camera satisfaction by getting a real camera for the same price?

These two options were at war in my head, with one winning over the other at different times. It’s like deciding between two ice cream flavors. There’s chocolate, a classic you’d know will do the trick. But there’s also a new quirky-named flavor that seems to answer the questions in life but might actually be a catastrophic disappointment. Which one do you choose?

Each one of us has these questions on different scales and forms. Students could be choosing between two careers, others may be wondering if they should quit or continue an unhealthy relationship, and some dads on quarantine shopping are just choosing between chocolate and Space Candy Avocado Surprise: Summer Special when buying ice cream.

But we forget that there are usually more than two options.

Why should you limit yourself between two career paths? As a third thing to consider, why not pick one and go for the other as a second career? There are likely other jobs out there that you never knew existed in the first place. Besides, if you realize later on that your initial choice was the wrong move, quitting is a valid choice too!

Speaking of quitting, it’s perfectly fine to leave an unhealthy relationship, especially for those who think their ONLY option is to be mistreated. But just remember that before we replace broken phones, we should at least try to get them fixed. With relationships, many people don’t even consider that choice, automatically thinking that it’s a compatibility issue.

I can choose to buy either a new phone or a new camera. But maybe this photography thing is just a personal fad that I’d enjoy for two months and drop off like the rest of my rotating hobbies. I could also use the cash for something else, like a business investment that could answer the questions in life but potentially end up being a disappointment.

Or, I could choose not to spend any money at all. Who says I had to burn this much money?

I’m not saying that making decisions is easy. In fact, having more to choose from can make things worse. Not everyone has the luxury of making a decision. Sometimes, things come down to a yes or no.

What I’m getting at is that we have to try to be better with knowing our options. Some of us, including me, don’t make the right decisions because we’re so focused on looking at the wrong ones.

[Potential ad incoming]

So, did I spend my money? Or did I save it instead for a rainy day?

I chose the business investment.

An opportunity came by, and now I’m trying to sell snacks and other food online. They’re sold in bulk (frozen) with a little premium on it, but hey, it beats the risky business of having to go outside. 

This post was not intended to act as an ad, but I thought it was interesting that this whole food thing costs the same as a Google Pixel 3 (the phone I was planning to get) or a similarly-priced mirrorless camera I was window shopping for on the used market.

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